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Elite Barrel Sauna
Elite Barrel Sauna

Elite Barrel Sauna

Barrel Saunas can be positioned indoors or outdoors and will add beauty to your garden. It is built using the finest Canadian red cedar which is a natural resistance to insects and decay damage.

Due to its unique shape it offers strength, stability and is very energy efficient with virtually no ongoing maintenance. The sauna is shipped on a pallet and can be easily assembled within hours or we offer an installation service.

Please be aware we only sell quality NON KNOTTED barrel saunas. There are cheaper versions available but these have knots and this can affect the integrity of the wood especially with heat.

Size: 6 x 4

Capacity 2
Dimensions 72" x 48"
Room Length 41"
Heater 4.5kw

Size: 6 x 6

Capacity 4
Dimensions 72" x 72"
Room Length 65"
Heater 6.0kw

Size: 6 x 8

Capacity 6
Dimensions 72" x 96"
Room Length 89"
Heater 8.0kw

The Barrel Sauna is not designed as a totally dry product, as wood expands and contracts. Weathering willexpand the wood to seal leaks, however long periods of dry weather will shrink the wood and possbily cause leaks.

Tongue and Grove Canadian Red Cedar
(1 3/8" finished thickness)
Stainless Steel Hinges, Heater and Fasteners
Tempered and Tinted Full Glass Door
(with self-closing hinges)
Benches x 2
Electric Heater
Bucket With Ladel
Interior Light x 2

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