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Elite Grandview Sauna
Elite Grandview Sauna

Elite Grandview Sauna

The Grandview Barrel Sauna, is the most deluxe in our full line of cooperage Barrel Sauna models. It is a six to eight person sauna room that is available in a full-size room or with a canopy porch. The 7’ diameter makes the Grandview wider and taller than our standard barrels, creating a very spacious room environment. The Grandview incorporates contoured backrests with the extra-wide bench seating, creating added comfort when relaxing in the hot environment. Additionally, the room has a flat, removable duckboard floor sections for added comfort.

The Grandview is constructed of solid Western Canadian Red Cedar that is harvested from managed and sustainable forests in the Canadian Northwest. We select only the choicest timber and profile each stave with a precise ball and socket design. The finished product is a beautiful design that is as much a piece of handcrafted furniture as it is a sauna!

This model provides a traditional, authentic traditional sauna experience, allowing the sauna to reach temperatures in excess of 190 ° while you relax on the soft, red cedar benches. Sprinkle water on the hot sauna rocks and create a burst of steam that is both refreshing and invigorating. The Grandview comes with a standard 8kw Ultra Plus heater, a genuine Finnish heater with exceptional heat time and high temperature.

Size: 7 x 8

Capacity 6
Dimensions 962" x 842"
Room Length 71"
Heater 8.0kw

Size: 7 x 8

Capacity 6-8
Dimensions 94" x 84"
Room Length 89"
Heater 8.0kw

The Grandview Sauna is not designed as a totally dry product, as wood expands and contracts. Weathering willexpand the wood to seal leaks, however long periods of dry weather will shrink the wood and possbily cause leaks.

Ball and Socket Canadian Red Cedar
(1 3/8" finished thickness)
Pre-assembled Wall Sections fit into Dado-cut Ball and Socket Stave Profiles
Tempered and Tinted Full Glass Door
(with self-closing hinges)
Stainless Steel Bands, Hinges and Fasteners
Benches (opposit facing for sitting/reclining) x 2
Indoor/Outdoor Usage
Electric Heater
Bucket With Ladel
Interior Light x 2

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