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Swimming Pool Design and Build in essex


When autumn arrives you might be thinking about winterising your swimming pool for the coming winter months.

It is important to winterise your swimming pool for a number of reasons, one being water freezes, this can be damaging to your pool equipment like filters and pumps and causes cracked and leaking equipment. You also need to treat the water inside your swimming pool to keep it as clean as possible throughout the winter months so when the spring arrives it will be easier to get the pool up and running again.

Our Winterisation service includes:

  • Remove solar cover from pool, clean and store
  • Clean water surface / net debris
  • Add floats to water and skimmer
  • Vacuum pool floor
  • Fit winter cover
  • Lower water levels
  • Clean tile band
  • Clean coping stones
  • Remove pool ladder
  • Remove drain plugs to pump and filter
  • Undo break joints and wash out heat pump
  • Backwash and rinse filter
  • Check pool chemicals and adjust
  • Add chemicals
  • Drain down and turn off heating
  • Isolate electricity
  • Check aligator, set to winter mode

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